Biography Photographs Matrix - Volume 01

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1968_hay.00.s..JPEG 1970s_sortcattle.00.s..JPEG 1970_alfalfa.00.s..JPEG 1970_brandcalf01.00.s..JPEG 1970_brandcalf02.00.s..JPEG

1968: Howard feeding cattle (M,L)

1970's: Howard sorting cattle (M,L) 1970: Howard on catttle drive, Smith River in Montana (M,L) 1970: Howard branding cattle (M,L) 1970: Howard branding cattle (M,L)
1970_brandcalf03.00.s..JPEG 1972_grin.00.s..JPEG 1974_calf_goat.00.s..JPEG 1978_redhat.00.s..JPEG 1987_turkey.00.s..JPEG
1970: Howard with Willow (wife) (M,L) 1972: Howard grinning (M,L) 1974: Howard at Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, NY (M,L) 1978: Howard (M,L) 1987: Howard w/ Howard the Turkey, Bradie Mtn., Mass. (M,L)
1997?_elbowfence02.00.s..JPEG 1997?_elbowfence03.00.s..JPEG 1997?_leanfence01.00.s..JPEG 1997?_leanfence02.00.s..JPEG 1997_elbowfence01.00.s..JPEG
1997?: Howard (M,L) 1997?: Howard (M,L) 1997?: Howard (M,L) 1997?: Howard (M,L) 1997?: Howard (M,L)
1997_smile01.00.s..JPEG 1997_smile02.00.s..JPEG ????_ESavePose.00.s..JPEG ????_tractor.00.s..JPEG
1997: Howard (M,L) 1997: Howard (M,L) ????: Howard (main pose) (M,L) ????: Younger Howard (M,L)