Pictures from the Memorial Service and the Sigenthaler Home


Pictures of Hans and Coby from AR2002 (July)

Tribute to Hans Siegenthaler

     "On February 2nd, many friends gathered to pay tribute to the gentle giant, Hans Siegentaler. For over eighty-one years Hans blessed this planet with his quiet wisdom. He believed that actions spoke louder than words. His actions were hard to fault.

     Hans was not one to speak of other's shortcomings. He was always willing to give another the benefit of a doubt. For Hans walking his talk was a given. I never heard him say something that was not part of his lifestyle. It was as if he wrote and lived the golden rule.

     Hans loved life. He was always ready with a small joke and smile. No form of life was too small or too insignificant to be revered. Hans greatest love was reserved for his partner of over fifty years, his wife and soul mate, Coby. To watch the tender interaction between them was to understand unconditional love. No service was too large of too small between these two unique people. All they had and all they could do were part of making the world a better place for all beings.

     Hans has departed but he will never be forgotten. He has touched everyone with some of his magic. I hope and pray to become a better person with the lessons I learned by watching Hans Siegenthaler. Rest in peace good friend."

-Howard, 2/8/03

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