A Holiday Message from the Mad Cowboy


"This time of the year we tend to talk about peace and good will to all. Are we walking our talk? I try every day to do better than I did yesterday. I'm not always successful, but I keep trying. My path has been as rocky as anyone could imagine. Today I'm blessed with a great partner, fantastic friends, and many loving animal companions.

When I started this journey in 1979 I thought our main concern was chemical contamination of our environment. The more I learned from my study the more I focused on my health. Today I'm pleased to know that no animal must die for me to live.

2002 as a year was filled with opportunities to educate those who need to know. I spent twenty days on the road with a film crew recording over one hundred hours of film on the state of our addiction to animal products. This film is for a feature length documentary on my life, to be released in 2003. I was also afforded the chance to record twenty-four television programs on the environment. These segments will be shown next year on satellite in areas where one sixth of the world's population resides. Rounding out my schedule were dozens of lectures to thousands of folks.

All of my years in the activist movement have been made better by the folks I have worked with. I could write a book about the shoulders I have had the opportunity to stand on and from those who supported our efforts. At this time of the year I want to stop and say thanks to all my friends. Every victory we have had came from a team effort. You are my heros, each and everyone of you.

There is no doubt in my mind we are changing human perception on our diet, environment, and the way we treat animals. My concern is can we do it before it's to late for our children and grandchildren. My commitment remains unshaken, I will do all I can, as long as I have the ability, to change the future for the better.

Please join me in saving the future, ONE BITE AT A TIME."

- Howard, 12/13/02