Wellness Forum/Foundation Backgrounder

The Wellness Forum is chain of licensed health and wellness centers operating throughout the United States and mainland China. The company offers a 4-week course in health, wellness and weight loss, as well as an extensive line of workshops, lectures and special events on a variety of health-related topics. In addition to providing educational classes to the public, many Wellness Forum programs are approved for continuing education unites for medical professionals. Additionally, Wellness Forum courses are offered for college credit in universities and teaching hospitals.

The Wellness Forum philosophy can best be described as differentiating between prevention and early detection. In the United States, prevention is often defined as testing for early detection of disease. The message that this conveys to people is that they are free to engage in risky lifestyle behaviors such as high-fat diets, smoking, over-use of alcohol and lack of exercise. Expensive diagnostic tests are then used to deterine if the person has 'gotten away with it'. Prevention needs to be redefined as reforming lifestyle habits so as to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and other degenerative disease.

The programs offered by the Wellness Forum are significantly more effective than many others because:

1) They are based on sound science.

2) We teach people to completely reform their diets and lifestyles. Studies show that people who make major changes in lifestyle experience more improvement and are more loikely to maintain their healthy habits than people who make minor changes.

3) Clients are given not only recommendations for change, but are provided with the physiological reasoning behind those recommendations.

4) The programs are 'user-friendly'. Ours is a program of substitution, rather than elimination.

The Wellness Forum Foundation offers scientifically sound educational programming about proper diet and liestyle choices. The Foundation's philosophy is that a diet based on whole, natural foods and that minimizes processed and refined foods, saturated fat and fast food is optimal for health.

The Foundation makes available age-appropriate curriculum materials, food samples and other healthy products to public and private school teachers who are interestd in helping to imrpvoe the health of children. Trained facilitators are also available to teach in the classroom as well.

Additionally, the Foundation's programs can be used for Continuing Education Units, allowing teachers to further their knowledge in this area.

The Foundation provides grants in the amount of $100 per teacher for materials and food samples. Teachers can select from several overhead presentaitons, cookbooks, textbooks, healthy foods, and other products that facilitate programming in the classroom.

Funding for The Wellness Forum Foundation has been provided by Dr. Pamela Popper, the develper of the materials used in the Foundation's programming, Wild oats Community markets and individuals concerned about children's health.

Donations are tax-deductible and can be made by sending a check payable to:

The Wellness Forum Foundation
338 Bristol Woods Court
Worthington, Ohio 43085

Phone: (614) 841-7700
Fax: (614) 841-7703