Mad Cowboy Interview 07: Rip Esselstyn

"One of the things I talk about in the book, and one of the things I honestly feel, is that there's almost nothing as gratifying in life as helping somebody out.  And I've been helping people out with this diet, literally since 1988, when after a year, I just knew that this was the truth and the right thing. 

I started sharing the message and people would come to me.  I've been helping people, on and off... athletes to firefighters to friends and neighbors, family members, for a long time, so when the opportunity presented itself to write this book, and the fact that I could get out there and in one fell swoop, by writing a book, and help potentially thousands and thousands of Americans without having to wear my fireman's boots, it was just a dream come true."

- Rip Esselstyn (in the "Mad Cowboy Interview")

"Professional athlete-turned-firefighter Rip Esselstyn is used to responding to emergencies. So, when he learned that some of his fellow Engine 2 firefighters in Austin, TX, were in dire physical condition-several had dangerously high cholesterol levels (the highest was 344!)- he sprang into action and created a life-saving plan for the firehouse. By following Rip’s program, everyone lost weight (some more than 20 lbs.), lowered their cholesterol (Mr. 344’s dropped to 196), and improved their overall health.


Now, Rip outlines his proven plan in this book. With Rip as your expert coach and motivator, you’ll transform your body and lifestyle in a month. His plant-powered eating plan is based on a diet of whole foods, including vegetables, whole grains, fruit, legumes, seeds and nuts."

"This interview took place in late April 2009 by phone. The transcribed interview is in two parts with keyword hyperlinks to the interview at the top and bottom of each webpage."


--- Mark Sutton, Mad Cowboy Webmaster/Editor